We are humans. Everyone is a human. Humans are cool. Humans can do stuff. YAY FOR BEING HUMAN!

Humans are bipedal and intelligent creatures. I think that's all you need to know because you already know what being human feels like, unless you aren't one.

xNeoXx's Thoughts:


If humans did not exist, we would not exist unless we were animals instead. Even though humans are intelligent and they know what is right and wrong (most of the time), they can still do bad things like mix the contents of waste bins and recycling bins.

Biesaga's thoughts:

Some humans are rad, some humans are bad, and some humans are neutral. Us humans have done many bad things in the past, and still are doing bad things. On the contrary, there are also amazing humans who set out to simply improve the earth. Some humans are good-spirited but don't know that what they're doing is very damaging.

All in all, I rate humans 6.45294302/10.

NanefuaPizza's thoughts

Humans are one of the most influential creatures on this planet. Or at least one of the most influential mammals. We are highly intelligent and resourceful. Instead if using physical abilities to hunt and defend, we used our brains. We made tools and weapons that helped our survival. From there, we only grew. We grew and grew and grew. Now we are where we are today. Which, when you put into comparison with ancient worlds or fictional worlds, is pretty great, although there are many, many problems that humans cause that us humans need to fix.

The problem is, we are all too dependent on our inventions that help us survive. Actually, are brains are a bit SMALLER than our brains in prehistoric eras, it's been proven! So basically we've been getting dumber and dumber, but at least we are way smarter than all other known organisms on this planet. But imagine, if you suddenly appeared in the middle of the forest with nothing, would you survive? No. Well, what if you were put in the Hunger Games? That at least has tools and weapons. Would you survive? Definitely not because some career is going to come around and kick your ass.

All in all, I rate humans 8/10. After tardigrades, blobfish, and wolves, they are the best animal out there. Go humans!

Violet the Violent's thoughts

Well, humans seem pretty chill. Just weird. Sometimes. They like to overthink things, though.