Sounds are things we hear on a daily basis. Sometimes, people put a lot of sounds together and make music.

Biesaga's Thoughts:

Sounds are okay. I just find going to music class pointless. [tel:9.225543254 9.225543254]/10

Top-gem's Thoughts:

Sounds are very basic but also very scientific. It's very interesting because sounds are not nonexistent within the physical realm, but they are invisible. Sound travels through waves and, if those waves are strong enough, they can even travel through solid obstacles, such as wood, stucco, and other materials. All in all, sound is very interesting, and delving into music-making is even more interesting.

Verite, you forgot your rating.


Vérité et Masques' Thoughts:

In a metaphorical sense, you can consider the thoughts, ideals and beliefs of everyone as a form of music. Everyone playing their own song and typically believing their song is better and trying to play it louder than everyone else's and not listening to others. Naturally, such a thing sounds horrible as all the sounds clash with each other and don't mix well. However, if you take the time to listen to all the conflicting sounds, you can learn some cool new ways to play. Not to mention, there's plenty of times when people harmonize, even without realizing it, and make some rad music.

In short, sound is life.

Tofu733's Thoughts

Sound is my world. If one day some evil wizard named Ukugulipothazarius got rid of all the sound, I would lose my mind in three minutes. As our main form of communication, sound is vital to know stuff..unless you happen to use text messages, then you can always "hear". I love technology. What was I saying? Right. Youtube would go bankrupt because nobody could hear anything, like Adele's new song or the next "What are those?" airhorn remix (or a remix of both together). I would sit in a corner and cry. Even if there's annoying sounds like my dad telling me the tenth time to clean my room right now that I'd like to get rid of, sound overall is my world.

Sound rating: 9000/10